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About Us
Corporate Alliance Testing, LLC was formed by Mike Lucas and Neel Hollis, both consultants to the transportation industry. We have been working with clients in all facets of industry with the connecting component of having to meet and comply with the Federal Motor Carrier
Safety Regulations and all applicable Sate Regulations. We have helped our clients maintain compliance with the regulations without causing undue hardship in maintaining a compliance program.

Part of our normal everyday consulting activities was to coordinate with our clients, their mandated controlled substance testing and alcohol testing to comply with 49 CFR Part 40 and Part 382 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. In working with our clients, we helped maintain and monitor all their mandated record keeping requirements. We were also making sure they were meeting the required testing percentages and keeping their random rosters updated. We were basically overseeing their drug and alcohol testing program.

This lead to the creation of Corporate Alliance Testing, LLC. We wanted to have a company that was web based and user friendly. We wanted a company that would be responsive to our clients needs and in turn facilitate easier administration of their drug and alcohol testing program. We think we have accomplished this with Corporate Alliance Testing, LLC.

Give us a try and see if we have accomplished what we set out to do!

Qualifications & Experience:

Mike Lucas
President, Corporate Alliance Testing, LLC
  • 30 years experience in Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety
  • Served as Assistant Director – Transportation Division South Carolina Public Service
  • Commission
  •  Manager, State of South Carolina, Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Program
  •  Roadside Safety Inspector, State of South Carolina
  •  Chairman, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, Bus Committee
  •  Member, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, Driver Committee
  •  Trained at the U. S. Department of Transportation Safety Institute (TSI)
    • 1. Hazardous Materials Compliance
    • 2. Cargo Tank Compliance 
  •  Completed training in transportation of radioactive material 
  • 20 years as President of The Lucas Group, providing transportation safety services to hundreds of companies.xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Neel Hollis
Chief Operating Officer, Corporate Alliance Testing, LLC
  • 10 years experience supervising CDL drivers for a hazardous materials company
  • 6 years experience as Transportation Safety Director, DOT Compliance Officer for a
  • private company
  • 6 years experience as Director of Field Services for The Lucas Group, Inc.

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